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Sounds like a bad April fool’s joke. I did get the title from the song by The Who but that is the closest we come to the group. So what is this article about? Carpet cleaning or more specific the tactics used to get in your door for a cheap price then leave with a small fortune. While there are different methods of cleaning, some being better than others, this article won’t focus on the aspect of carpet cleaning, we will focus on the methods used to get in the door of your home for a low price then leave with your hard earned cash.

There are many different ways that companies employ to charge for their services. At Sho-Me Clean, we use a simple formula to calculate your cost for carpet cleaning. It starts with a minimum charge of one hundred twenty nine dollars ($129) that covers two rooms about 225 square feet, the setup and tear down of our equipment, using a cleaning pre-spray to loosen dirt, steam cleaning, extraction, and a rinse with a grooming to bring your carpet back to a PH balance. If you have additional rooms, walk in closets, long hallways, those are charged according to size. Stairs and stains are separate. For additional information, contact Sho-Me Clean at 417-263-1963

Now you’re asking, why do I get offers in the mail or newspaper for one room cleaning for $9.95 or whole house cleaning for $49.95. If it sounds too good to be true, then it must be too good to be true. Simply put, it is a bait and switch or a ploy to get you to call these companies to book appointments. Once they are at your home, they may start a hard sell to get you to buy additional services. You will do so because you have already committed to having your carpets cleaned and don’t want to embarrass yourself by saying no. How do they accomplish this? These companies will not include pre-treatment as part of their service or they may not include extraction or setup or many other tactics to drive up the cost. Think about it. You want your carpets cleaned so you order the cleaning solution. You don’t want the water left behind so you order the extraction and so on. I think you get the picture. 

Even if it's not a ploy, let’s look at this from an economic stand point. Your basic van with a truck mounted system (that is the system that will deliver the hot water for your carpet cleaning and then extract that moisture from your carpets) and all the basic tools and hoses needed to have a carpet cleaning business will cost between 30 and 50 thousand dollars ($30-50,000) to get started. Calculated out that will take over five thousand and twenty five rooms (5,025) or to be exact 5025.125 at $9.95 just to pay for the equipment. If you take it further, at an average of one hour to setup, tear down, apply a pre-spray, steam clean, proper extraction, apply a PH balance rinse, and groom the carpet, it would take just over 5,025 hours or 2.41 years to make back the investment on the equipment. That’s a long time and a lot of work, but wait, we haven’t even figured transportation cost, replacement cost of broken equipment, insurance, phone cost, advertising, etc. Add these to the equation and that’s at least another year and a half. Don’t forget the person cleaning your carpet needs to make money. Bottom line, it is just not feasible to clean carpets for $9.95 a room not even $49.95 for the whole house. Something will be left out during the cleaning process leaving you with a bigger problem than a dirty carpet

Sho-Me Clean will tell you what it will cost to clean your carpets upfront. We are an IICRC certified company with IICRC certified technicians. We will clean your carpets and not take short cuts. At Sho-Me Clean, we want your carpets to be as clean as our carpets in our home. Don’t get fooled when choosing a carpet cleaning company. Choose wisely, choose Sho-Me Clean.

Note: All pricing is based on an average medium home size of 1350 square feet. Larger homes, deeply soiled or un-kept carpet, pet urine, body fluids, stains(food, drink, oil, grease, etc.), delaminated carpet, carpet stretching, flood damage, color rejuvenation, air movers, etc., are not part of Sho-Me Clean basic carpet cleaning. For information on Sho-Me Clean's basic cleaning package, call 417-263-1963.