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How Much Should I Pay To Have My Carpets Cleaned

How much? That is the age old question when it comes to spending money no matter whether is a gallon of milk, a gallon of gas or cleaning your carpets? Everyone is looking for the best deal they can get for their money. Why not? You work hard for the money you earn and you want the best value for your money. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the lowest prices always save you money? If the gallon of milk costs less at one store than another but the other items you buy are more expensive, then chances are you're not saving much money overall. If you have to drive across town, spend extra time and gas to save five cents, is it really saving money?  Sometimes the option right in front of you is the best when all things are considered.  If you can go around the corner to get gas, saving time and wear and tear on your car, you might be further ahead than driving across town. After all, time is priceless. 

  • If a company advertises really low prices or you base your decision on the lowest price, do you really get the results you are expecting or wanting? It's possible , the lowest price may get your carpets cleaned, but is it the best job for your carpets in the long run? They may be cutting corners in order to offer a lower price.  Maybe they are just offering a lower price to get in the door, only to find that they charge extra for every little thing that is needed to complete the job properly.

  • What really makes a good value? This term can mean an array of things to each individual person. What does value mean to you, to a family member, or a neighbor? It can be and will be interpreted differently by all. We at Master Kleen, believe that value is getting a service that provides you with the results that you want at a reasonable price. Our top-of-the-line equipment will do the job whether it is the castle you call home or a large commercial building. Our technicians are updated and trained on the latest techniques and products. That’s why we at Master Kleen are always looking for the best products and techniques to get you the results you want and expect, giving you the value you want for your hard earned money. 

Back to the question, how much should I pay to have my carpets cleaned? The national average is $30 to $40 dollars a room. An average room size would be 10 feet x 13 feet which is the average size of most bedrooms. This means that an average three bedroom medium size home will be between $150 to $200 dollars. 

WOW!  That's a lot of averaging numbers! Why do we say an average room size? Simply because there are a lot of factors to consider when pricing carpet cleaning. Are there any steps or will you need special treatments for stains or pet odors?Are the carpets well maintained with frequent vacuuming and regularly scheduled professional steam cleaning? Are the carpets rarely vacuumed or steam cleaned? Plus many more. 

Now that you have the basic information you might ask, what do I need to know when it comes to carpet cleaning?

  • Be aware of bait and switch tactics. Some companies will advertise a low price for an entire house carpet cleaning or low price per room carpet cleaning only to find out there are extra fees for pre-treatment cleaning solutions or set up fees, etc. If it sounds too good to be true, it just might be too good to be true.

  • Some companies charge low fees because the equipment that is being used is not good quality or not effective at removing the soil and other contaminates from your carpet, meaning you will need to have your carpets cleaned more often or just live with dirty carpets. Many times, low fees are a way of getting their foot in the door to up sell you later. At Master Kleen, we are more than happy to share our fees. We have a $119.00 minimum which covers set up and tear down of our equipment, pre-spray conditioning and hot water cleaning and extraction (steam cleaning) of two rooms. A room is consider about 120 square feet. Additional rooms would be $25 to $45 depending on the size of those rooms. This is our basic steam cleaning package. Stain treatment and pet odor treatment is an additional charge.

  • What is the preferred of carpet cleaning method the company you choose employs?  No, you don't need to take a crash course on carpet cleaning equipment.  Here are a few tips:

                        *Is the equipment the carpet cleaning company is using a portable machine? 
                            Portable Machine is a machine that is brought into your home and has no means of power or water unless it                             is  from your home, which means it is using your electricity and your water.

                         *Is the equipment a truck mounted system?
                            Typically a truck mounted machine will be mounted in the cargo portion of a van or box truck. It will have it's                             own  source of power and hoses are run from the van into your home to the areas of carpet to be cleaned.

                         *Note most portables do not have the capability of creating and maintaining a water temperature compared to                             a truck mount for carpet steam cleaning nor do the portable machines have the extraction power to remove                             deep down dirt and grime.

While figuring the cost or how much it is to have your carpets cleaned will always be a factor in determining how you spend your money, it is not always the best way to choose a carpet cleaning company. If you have any questions about this topic, we at Master Kleen would be more than happy to talk to you about our services. We would be glad to give you a quote.
      Winter Carpet Cleaning

I am concerned that if I get my carpets cleaned during the winter season that my carpets won’t dry. Is this a valid concern? The answer is No however we do have to qualify that answer.
First even though temperature and conditions outside do factor in when getting your carpets cleaned they do not have as much to do with the drying time like you would think. Remember there are carpet cleaning companies in areas where there is an abundance of cold winter weather and they have business year round. So what would be the biggest factor that determines your drying time? The company. Let’s establish that if your carpet is soaked, wet, and slosh y or any other words that would describe this doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t right. Most carpets cleaned correctly should dry within a few hours at least by the next day. If this has not happened you should call the company back to correct the issue. 

 After your carpets are cleaned the carpet should have a damp feeling in other words when you place your hand on the carpet you should feel moisture but not have a significant transfer of water to your hand. There are many ways of drying the carpet such as leaving air movers behind to assist in the drying or raising the temperature of the home, or using ceiling fans. All of these methods are effective, some are quicker than others yet the carpet still dry within a few hours.

So it really does come down to the company. What type of equipment they use. How they train their technicians. What kind of solutions they use. The methods that are used etc. The equipment that is being used is very important so you can have an effective and efficient carpet cleaning. Home carpet cleaning machines and rental machines are not very effective or efficient. They are unable to extract efficiently and cannot deliver a consistent temperature which are required by most chemicals to work properly. Portable units which are a larger version of the rental machines are more effective than your home machine or a rental machines, however they have limited capabilities. Carpet cleaning machines that are mounted in a van, box truck or trailer are commonly refer to as truck mounts. The company that use truck mounts arrives at your location and uses that machine to clean your carpet. The truck mount is able to extract efficiently and regulate the temperature of the water to clean your carpets. Even with the added bonus of having a truck mount system you are still dependent on the technician being properly trained, the equipment that the he or she is using, the temperature of the water, the type of solutions that are in use etc.  
At Sho-Me Clean we use a highly rated truck mount. Our truck mount is able to extract efficiently over long distances and deliver the hot water to the cleaning surface more consistently than other machines on the market. Our extraction machine is able to make multiple passes over the cleaning surface this cleans the carpet from multiple directions and extract the majority of the water from your carpets. Our technicians are trained and certified through IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). IICRC is a non-profit organization that trains, test, and certify carpet cleaners, restoration technicians etc. The IICRC is recognized by most carpet manufactures as an industry leader for certification and an IICRC certified technician can help you fulfill certain aspects of your carpet manufactures warranty. At Sho-Me Clean we use solutions that are effective yet safe for your family and pets. We are always on the lookout for better more effective ways to clean your carpets. This is our commitment to you our clients and our future clients. Call and schedule an appointment Today. 417-263-1963

.  My home is flood My home is flooded what do I do next?

First don’t panic you will make it through this terrible situation, then quickly determine the amount of water damage such as, how far has the water  traveled, what will get wet if you are unable to stop the flooding in time, and what has water damage now that can be salvaged. Now call a professional. Why?

 Before we get to the why let us address the don’t panic part first. As a professional we understand the trauma caused by a flood and water damage. We understand and empathize with the sudden shock that you have an emergency and need quick action. Panicking will only make the current situation more stressful and harder to deal with and take your focus off what needs to happen. You need to quickly determine what may be lost verse what is lost already. Once you have determined what has happen and if the water is coming from (an interior source or an exterior source) turn off the water if you can and call a professional. Next get the things that are dry out of the way of the water. You might ask why not get the wet stuff first? Simply it is easier to keep your belongings dry than to dry your belongings. Once you have taken action on that part of your problem check the items that got wet to determine what can be saved. Remember that your restoration professional can help you determine what is salvageable and what is not salvageable. An IICRC Water Restoration Technician is trained and certified in water removal and can dry out the flooded area to pre-flood conditions. 

Now that you have made it through the original shock of a flood what next? You need to document everything with pictures of the flooded area and write down a description of each item that was wet but salvageable and each item that was ruined. Keep any receipts for any purchases made to save your belongings or disposal of damaged items. It is a good idea to have pictures of your home prior to any loss so you can prove what your home decor looked like before the flood. Insurance companies like specifics and pictures. It is also a good idea to have the contact information of a couple water restoration company. Two companies just in case one is too busy to help you. Again a company that has taken the time to become certified is a good choice when choosing water removal and restorationIICRC Certified Water Restoration Technicians are trained to help limit the damage due to a flood. Flooding is not a project that is not a good for a DIY person for the simple reason that under drying a structure will result in microbial growth and over drying a structure will result in damage to your property. Under drying will leave moisture in areas that are hard to reach and see. Without the proper equipment you would not be aware of such areas which when left wet those areas will promote microbial growth and over time will create a health hazard for your family. Over drying will cause movement, cracking, etc.….. Most all materials used in construction have a certain amount of humidity within its structure and the knowledge of this balance will help prevent additional damage on both accounts.
At Master Kleen we hope that you will never have to use this part of our service but in case you do our water restoration team is trained and certified to help you in your time of need. For additional questions please feel free to call us at 417-332-7849.

Informational Articles
                                                                            We Don’t Get Fooled Again

Sounds like an op-ed about the rock group The Who or maybe a bad April fool’s joke. I did get the title from the song by The Who but that is the closest we come the group. So what is this article about? Carpet cleaning or more specific the tactics used to get in your door for a cheap price then leave with a small fortune. While there are different methods of cleaning some being better than others this article won’t focus on that aspect of carpet cleaning we will focus on the methods used to get in the door of your home for a low price then leave with your hard earned cash.
There are many different ways that companies employ to charge for their services. At Sho-Me Clean we use a simple formula to calculate your cost for carpet cleaning. It starts with a minimum charge of one hundred twenty nine dollars ($129) that covers two rooms about 225 square feet, the setup and tear down of our equipment, using a cleaning pre-spray to loosen dirt, steam cleaning, extraction, and a rinse with a grooming to bring your carpet back to a PH balance. If you have additional rooms, walk in closets, long hallways those are charged accordingly by size. Stairs and stains are separate. For additional information contact Sho-Me Clean at 417263-1963. Now you’re asking why I get offers in the mail or newspaper for one room cleaning for $9.95 or whole house cleaning for $49.95. If it sounds too good to be true then it must be too good to be true. Simply put it is a bait and switch or a ploy to get you to call these companies to book appointments. Once they are at your home they will start a hard sell to get you to buy additional services. You will do so because you have already committed to having your carpets cleaned and don’t want to embarrass yourself by saying no. How do they accomplish this? These companies will not include pretreatment as part of their service or they may not include extraction or setup or many other tactics to drive up the cost. Think about it. You want your carpets cleaned so you order the cleaning solution. You don’t want the water left behind so you order the extraction and so on I think you get the picture. 
If not let’s look at this from an economic stand point. Your basic van with a truck mount system (that is the system that will deliver the hot water for your carpet cleaning and then extract that moisture from your carpets) and all the basic tools and hoses needed to have a carpet cleaning business will cost between 30 and 50 thousand to get started. Calculated out that will take over five thousand and twenty five rooms (5025) or to be exact 5025.125 at $9.95 just to pay for the equipment. If you take it further at an average of one hour to setup, tear down, apply a pre-spray, steam clean, proper extraction, apply a PH balance rinse, groom the carpet it would take just over 5025 hours or 2.41 years to make back the investment on the equipment. That’s a long time and a lot of work, but wait we haven’t even figured transportation cost, replacement cost of broke equipment, insurance, phone cost, advertising, etc. add those to the equation that’s at least another year and a half. Don’t forget the person cleaning your carpet needs to make money. Bottom line it is just not feasible to clean carpet for $9.95 a room not even $49.95 for the whole house something will be left out during the cleaning process leaving you with a bigger problem than a dirty carpet. 
In conclusion Sho-Me Clean will tell you what it will cost to clean your carpets. We are an IICRC certified company with IICRC certified technicians. We will clean your carpets and not take short cuts at Sho-Me Clean we want your carpets to be as clean as our carpets in our home. Don’t get fooled when choosing a carpet cleaning company. Choose wisely, choose Sho-Me Clean.

Note: All pricing is based on an average medium home size of 1350 square feet. Larger homes, deeply soiled or un-kept carpet, pet urine, body fluids, stains(food, drink, oil, grease, etc.), delaminated carpet, carpet stretching, flood damage, color rejuvenation, air movers,etc are not part of Sho-Me Clean basic carpet cleaning. For information on Sho-Me Cleans basic cleaning package call 417-263-1963.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I get my carpet cleaned?

A. Just like your clothing, carpet is made out of fibers. Even though those fibers are thicker and stronger, the fibers need to be deep cleaned to remove all the dirt, dust mites, pet dander, and micro-organisms that collect in your carpets. Almost all manufacturers recommend regular carpet cleanings by professional carpet cleaners to meet your warranty requirements.

Q. I have a very good vacuum cleaner. Do I need to have my carpets professionally clean?

A. Yes. A vacuum cleaner does not have the extraction power to penetrate deep down dirt that is embedded in your carpets. With our machines, we are able to extract dirt that a vacuum will not get.

Q. We have a rule in our house not to wear our shoes past the door.  Will that help keep our carpets cleaner?

A. Yes, not wearing shoes will definitely help keep your carpets cleaner. However, there are other factors that you need to consider such as pets, oils from your skin, dead skin cells, bacteria, and many other microscopic organisms that collect in your carpets. Regular carpet cleaning helps control these factors.

Q. How often should I clean my carpets?

A. Most manufacturers recommend that you use a professional carpet cleaner that uses hot water extraction (steam cleaning) to clean the high traffic areas a couple of times a year.  They also recommend to periodically move all furniture and clean the entire carpet. Note that most high traffic areas require additional solutions to break up the oils and dirt that are typically embedded into the carpet fibers.  For this reason, it is a good idea to have your professional carpet cleaning technician do an additional treatment of carpet protectant (scotch guard). There is an up-charge for this, however, it will protect your carpet from dirt build up between cleanings and help you extend the life and wear of your carpets.

Q. I have a home carpet cleaning machine.  Why should I have my carpets professionally done?

A. Most home or rental machines are a good way to maintain your carpets between professional carpet cleanings. The issue is they just don't have the extraction power to get the dirt and grit out from the deeper part of the carpets.

Q. I have children and pets.  Are your chemicals safe?

A. Yes, at Master Kleen, we use environmentally safe green products. We stay up-to-date with new products that will not only help keep your family and pets safe, but get your carpets clean.